Russia vs. Poland – The Vodka Wars

For decades both countries have tried to claim their importance in creating the window cleaner tasting alcoholic beverage.


Russian’s claim to have invented the “real” vodka 500 years ago according to the Vodka Museum in Moscow.

Probably one of the most famous Russian Vodkas is Russian Standard, one of Russian’s most proud inventions. You can get bottles between €14 – €25 depending on the country and the make.

Image result for russian vodka

But as we all know Russians, they can’t just have average bottles and average prices. They need to have the most expensive and exclusive brands and makes.

Swarovski Studded Alize – $2000


Diva Premium Vodka – $ 1.000.000


Russo-Baltique Vodka – $1.350.000baltique2


Poland claims to have invented the Vodka in 1543 as it is first mentioned in literature dating back to that time.

We all know the most famous Vodkas such as Belvedere and their special edition the Belve Bear $7.240


So the Polish essentially invented the Vodka 43 years earlier and have definitely made a huge impact with the Belvedere Vodka, but Russia has many more brands and clearly the more expensive and exclusive Vodka bottles.


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